Parking Expansion

When the owner of a large office building in Philadelphia wanted to create parking for their employees, a nearby mixed-use building was acquired. The 35-year-old structure consisted of two stories of office space and four floors of parking garage. A planned redesign would claim one floor of office space for added parking, and add the roof elevation to accommodate still more cars.

The general contractor, Fastrack of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, turned to Cutting Technologies (CTI) to help strengthen the structure to bear the added load of the new design.

CTI began by core drilling and roto-hammering the existing columns and beams so that reinforcing bar could be stitched into them. Then, after additional concrete had cured around the existing support members, CTI began to demolish the slabs and other structural elements that needed to be removed.

Using slab saws, wire saws, robotic demolition units and specialized rigging, CTI’s technicians completed all structural modifications and cleared the way for the new rampway and garage layout.

Through a combination of diligent work habits, efficient equipment and the know-how to use it, and clear communication with the contractor, CTI was able to safely finish the project within budget and schedule.

Parking Garage Expansion, Center City Philadelphia

General Construction

Diamond Wire Sawing
Diamond Core Drilling
Robotic Hammering

Fastrack Construction Inc

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