Marine Pier

IMTT’s Bayonne, New Jersey transfer and storage terminal serves as a hub for bulk petroleum and chemical products in the Northeast United States. First opened in 1939, this key part of the energy and industrial infrastructure was in desperate need of repair and renewal.

任何计划更新facility would require that the terminal remain at full operating capacity during construction, and ensure the safety of the facility, all workers, and the hazardous cargo that passed through the terminal.

Cutting Technologies’ (CTI) engineer worked with the owner’s contractor, Weeks Marine, to develop an efficient means of cutting and removing the pier while operational. First, CTI designed, fabricated and interlaced into the existing structure a temporary support system that braced the complicated network of machinery, piping and equipment that stretched the length of the 700’-long pier.

Working sequentially across 42 sections of the pier, CTI employed wire saws, slab saws, core drills and robotic demolition units to cut and remove the deck, beams, piles, pier caps and foundations, clearing the way for new sections to be built in their place.

CTI’s technicians, aided by divers, braved difficult working conditions, extreme tidal changes and fierce underwater currents to successfully cut and remove nearly 10 million pounds of heavily reinforced concrete ahead of schedule, and with no accidents or injuries.

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