When Calpine wanted to remove a decommissioned electrical generator from their Deer Park Energy Center near Houston, Texas, they faced a big challenge: The unit was too wide to be removed on a flatbed train car, and it was too heavy and large to trucked away in its existing form. To remove the unit within the size and weight restrictions of local roads, it needed to be cut into smaller, more- manageable pieces.

Since the traditional demolition method of oxygen lance cutting was ruled out due to the unit’s size and location, Cutting Technologies (CTI) was approached to cut Calpine’s problem down to size.

With the armature already removed, the generator unit consisted of a steel frame and shroud around the stator. The stator, itself, consisted of a stainless-steel core and copper windings that measured 9’ in diameter, 30’ long, and 18” thick.

CTI deployed a team outfitted with diamond cutting wire and a portable wire saw driven by a 50HP high-cycle power unit. Also included was a custom-fabricated gantry system capable of directing the diamond wire around and through the target unit as needed.

CTI – We make your selective demolition projects successful.™ CTI sectioned the unit into five smaller pieces weighing approximately 40 tons each to complete the project within schedule and budget.

Generator Stator Sectioning, Deer Park Energy Center

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