Published February 18, 2021

Have you ever wondered how contractors reduce large chunks of rock or concrete to size? Whether it’s creating aggregates or mining, jaw crushers are your go-to. Jaw crushers were created in1858byEli Whitney Blake。从那时起,他们只是变得更加普遍。本文将专注于颚式破碎机以及它们在专业设置中的使用方式。

What is a Jaw Crusher?

颚式破碎机可能听起来像一些中世纪的折磨装置,但它们不是。虽然它们可以习惯这种效果,但它们更广泛地用于拆迁和采矿领域。颚式破碎机基本上压碎大岩石以更具可用的尺寸。它们通常是用于几种应用的材料减少的第一线机械。这包括岩石采石场,沙子和砾石,建筑汇总,冶金, and chemical industries. Jaw crushers are specifically designed to handle large feed and withstand abrasive material. They’re at the forefront of sand, gravel, and mineral processing because of their effectiveness in breaking down large chunks.

How does a Jaw Crusher work?

Jaw crushers typically use the principles of compression and friction to break materials down. They’re extremely powerful equipment that should be used with the utmost care. Jaw crushers are so powerful that they’ve earned the moniker “rock breakers” because of their brute force.

All jaw crushers will have one fixed jaw and a moving one. These two form a V-shaped chamber, where the materials are fed. The movable jaw will move back and forth against the fixed one, compressing all materials in the space between. The mobile jaw’s movement will not be fixed from side-to-side. Instead, it moves in an elliptical motion with help from massively weighted flywheels.

As the moving jaw moves away from the fixed one, this creates a gap between the jaws. The discharge will fall through this gap, the size of which determines the size of the discharge. The gap size is often readily adjustable to suit whatever purpose for rock breaking.



Here are some of the key benefits of using jaw crushers:

  • High throughput
  • 高效尺寸减少
  • 破碎的钳口由硬质材料制成
  • No-rebound feed hopper
  • 精细成品
  • 易于清洁的破碎室

Popular types of Jaw Crushers

双重切换 - 制动类型或架空枢轴运动

Double toggle jaw crushers are theclassic styleof jaw crushers. They’re also popularly known as the “Blake type” because of their similar mechanism to the original jaw crusher by Eli Whitney Blake. For a long time, this has been the standard for breaking abrasive and hard materials, having been used for over a century. This variation has a higher energy-efficiency as well as a longer useful life. Double toggle jaw crushers use only pressure (less friction) to break large and hard materials.

单切换 - 开销偏心运动

Single toggle jaw crushers have grown quite popular over the past few years. Compared to the double toggle ones, the primary downside of single toggle jaw crushers is that their feed capacity was quite small before. This is because single toggle machines are much more compact, thus accepting smaller feed sizes. But it’s good to know that this problem has mostly been solved due to technological advancements. These days, single toggle jaw crushers are highly valued because of how quickly they process materials. This comes at a cost, though, as this variation tends to wear much quicker than the other. This is in part due to the fact that single toggle jaw crushers also heavily utilize friction to break materials down. So, it should come as good news that the parts that wear easily are readily available and not too expensive.

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